Changes coming Summer 2017

Studio 200 Glass is moving! I'll be relocating from Bedford, Massachusetts to the Fort Andross Mill Building in Brunswick, Maine over the summer. The studio will continue to operate in Bedford through mid-July. The last two weeks of the month will be full of packing, moving. Settling into the new space is scheduled … [Read more...]

2016-2017 Winter in the studio

"Aim for the Sky"- new quilt inspired panels. Save … [Read more...]

Surprising design inspiration

What inspired these abstract designs? Nine panel installation featuring designs abstracted from Milwaukee landmarks In personal work, I begin the design process while moving the glass around and a concept emerges as the work progresses. Past concepts I've explored include 'Inside the Box', 'Connections' and 'Signs … [Read more...]

Variations on a theme

The fleet conceived in Boston developed in a new direction on its way to installation at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN The second sailboat, a bit bolder in coloring, is installed in Children's Hospital in South Dartmouth, MA. Original sailboat installed in Children's Hospital, Boston, MA. My first … [Read more...]

Tunes for the day

  This platter is all about warmth, hospitality and good times entertaining.  Music sets the tone for many gatherings and it sets the tone for many of my days- the rhythms I listen to definitely spill over into my work. Check out my recent listen, the up and coming Latino group, La Santa Cecilia. Can you see … [Read more...]

Changing seasons / changing gears

The last of the spring wholesale orders shipped this week and it is time to begin the dream / create / exhibit process again. … [Read more...]

Season’s Greetings 2013

This December, I am so grateful for the friends- old and new who have stopped by my studio, the booth at one of the shows I've done, or taken the time to write to me this year.  I really appreciate your interest in my work.  Thank you also for the stories you've shared about your families and interests! Like the small … [Read more...]

Off the Grid – Finished pieces

  From a nagging little idea in April, this series grew and evolved into its bright, shiny, finished form. … [Read more...]

Color in the garden

And now for something completely different from with plastic and tape: … [Read more...]

Naming a series

Out of the kiln, the first four panels are  giving me a glimpse of the direction the series is taking. … [Read more...]