About Me

me!Like so many artists, I am totally inspired by Mother Nature’s amazing creations- foliage and flowers; fruits and veggies; fish and feathered friends; rivers, mountains, oceans and the infinite sky. My background and previous work experiences are in design, and I am naturally curious about processes, experimenting with all kinds of mediums. I am happy to have stumbled upon kiln glass after studying sewing, silversmithing, photography, graphic design, landscape design, papermaking, printmaking, and mosaic because if I found it first, I may never have tried those other mediums and I learned so much from them!

As to the whole creative process behind each series of work I produce; it is a bit of a mystery even to me. In the studio, I begin by creating glass parts and pieces; stenciled powders on glass, skinny glass rods molded into rhythmic waves, enamel doodles on glass; glass cast into relief molds, and murrine rods. When my bench is covered with this messy assortment of shapes, colors and textures, I move the pieces around.  At this point, I usually come up with a number of different color combinations that feel right for the season and start cutting and assembling shapes. It’s like working on a jigsaw puzzle without an image of the final product; even the individual puzzle pieces need to be created. The finished puzzle will only be seen after the assembly comes out of the kiln!


The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY
Bullseye Glass, Portland, OR
Diablo Glass School, Boston, MA

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA

Graphic Design:
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA; BFA graphic design