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Sampling of formats for wall hung art glass

‘Little gem’ tiles feature two layers of designs
that blend together to create a 3-D effect.
Pictured below are nine 4″ square tiles mounted
on frosted glass, framed and wired to hang. 18″ x18″

Tiles are also availabel in 4″ and 8″ square singles,
mounted, framed and ready to hang.

Nine "Little Gems" mounted on acid etched glass and framed










Below are samples of Quilting pattern tiles, blocks of solid colored and patterned
glass with individually cast glass embellishments. Tiles come in 4″ mounted on
6″ panels and 6″ flush mounted or mounted on 8″ panels.

6 white-black-vanilla_1 6 Teal-red-turquoise   6 Red-teal-gold_1 6 Periwinkle-lavender-turquoise





Larger works include these panels inspired by string quilts.
Currently available sizes: 9″ x 27″ and 8″ x 36″