New Series- April 2013

Pushing through when inspiration is hiding…

Unstuck- new project

As it was in the beginning… or everything has to start somewhere

My workbench resides in the center of my studio, like a football field sits inside a track. Instead of running around it, I pace slowly, back up, spread glass out in the middle of it, dump mail on it, walk around it some more. Another day, I circle repeatedly while talking on the phone, move the glass around, open magazines, drop photos on it, run the vacuum around it. Finally, I clean it up again and spread a new bunch of glass on it. I take out the powdered glasses, turn up the tunes and stencil all day. All this action / inaction is my attempt to begin a new project.  Usually, a random, “Oh, yeah” moment works it’s magic, like a starting gun at the races . My “Oh, yeah” moment finally hit while I watched one of my favorite singers; Thao Nguyen, of Thao and The Get Down, Stay Down play a song off of the band’s great new album.

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“I was trying to capture the incredible resiliency of the people I was meeting and working with. I wanted to let that ignite the songs, to try to collect energy from people around me and give it back to them. ” Thao Nguyen

How will that energy translate into glass?