Tunes for the day

Summer Colors

Warm tones for a summer table


This platter is all about warmth, hospitality and good times entertaining.  Music sets the tone for many gatherings and it sets the tone for many of my days- the rhythms I listen to definitely spill over into my work. Check out my recent listen, the up and coming Latino group, La Santa Cecilia. Can you see their influence on the platter?

Another reason to keep the tunes going- summer is the season for behind the scenes work and I need a good beat to keep me moving through some fairly boring jobs. This week finds me cleaning the studio, preparing a new kin shelf, and spackling and painting the booth walls.

Booth walls with new paint

Booth walls with new paint-love being able to do it outside!


Very proud to have gotten this task out of the way. I usually put it off until the day before my first fall show.






Coating a fiberboard shelf

Fiber shelves brushed with ceramic coating



Glass heats up safely and because fiberboard doesn’t hold the heat, it saves hours on the cool down segment of firing. My first shelf had years of use and is a bit shabby so I’m prepping a new one while the weather is good for doing it outside (the solution stinks and is a hazard to breathe)! One more coat and firing and hopefully it will last years too.