Small plates four ways

Little plates for many places…

People come into my booth at shows and ask what do I do with the shapes I create. I can recite at least a dozen uses for this 5″ square, gently shaped plate, but these photos of recent sightings of this versatile piece around my house are more fun.

Small plate with cup of tea

Under my tea cup after dinner

Small plate serving hummus

Sitting on a tray from the Running Stripes series holding hummus

Small plate as spoon rest

Next to a pot on the stove as a very classy spoon rest

Small plates as wine coasters

Small plates make great coasters for wine bottles, glasses too.

…a few other places in the kitchen you may find them are under my coffee cup in the morning, holding jam for toast and cream cheese for bagels, or crackers next to a soup bowl. If you’ve thought of that perfect place for a small plate in your kitchen, click here to check out the available patterns and colors.