New Year- New Project, installation news

Well, time certainly flew by these past two weeks. Not much was being recorded on the blog,  but lots of action was going on in the studio- seems I can only do one thing or the other! Below are a few pics of the actual installation. Big thanks to Erik and “Z” for their wonderful job hanging the piece.

Veracode Art Glass Wall sculpture
Erik and “Z” hanging the center section
Art Glass Wall Sculpture at Veracode
Erik and “Z” hanging the last section
View through the entry door
View through the entry door

If you are curious about  how I got from the first post about the sculpture to the installation, there is a whole photo journal of the process at my FB page.

There are a couple of details remaining that will make it really special for the client. The scheduled wrap up date is at the end of February. For the next three weeks, I’m changing gears and making new products for The Buyer’s Market of American Craft in Philadelphia which takes place on February 16-18. If you are visiting the show (wholesale only), please stop by and say hello- I’ll be in booth # 213.