New Series- next steps

Now we’re starting to see some progress-

Beginning with seven bases ranging from 4” x 36” to 12” x 30”, and a multitude of colored glass bits to choose from; a white arc emerged as the uniting feature. I settled into a rhythm and worked on the panels as a set. The glass glue I normally use has a tendency to fail when I jiggle the glass so I decided to try super gluing the pieces to hold them in place while I spread powdered glass between them to look like grout. When the first panel was glued up and ready for the powder, my conscience (a.k.a. my husband) prodded me into firing a test piece to see how the new glue worked. Whoa- it was a good thing I listened this time.

Super glue can do funny things in a kiln, not to mention how bad it smells. All the glass bits looked like there were mini explosions where the glue was behind them- not attractive at all! My dilemma now was to figure out how to un-glue 110 pieces of glass attached with super glue to my 9″ x 30″ glass base. In case you ever have the same problem, a nice hot overnight soak in a tub full of water relaxes those bits and pieces. You can then pop them off with a razor. Do make sure you check your tub before showering for leftover pieces! Unfortunately there was a bit of residue that had to be removed off of almost half of them with acetone.

So…many days later I went back to the studio and began again. Below are picture of the panel with the super glued bits on it and a picture of its second incarnation. I couldn’t just lay it out the same way twice!

Super glue panel

Super Glue panel re-do

Happily there are now four pieces in the kiln for their first firing. I’ll keep you posted on their progress!

Four panels in the kiln