Naming a series

Off the Grid 9 x 30-1 Off the Grid 6 x 36 Off the Grid 4 x 36Off the Grid

Out of the kiln, the first four panels are  giving me a glimpse of the direction the series is taking. The next four panels, still on my work table, have been particularly challenging to create. I know the series wants to be more flowing and less structured, but my brain is having a hard time giving up the control that a grid based design provides.  This is the first time working in glass that I feel my graphics background is holding me back- it’s much easier to work in a previously successful style, knowing the result will be aesthetically pleasing, rather than work intuitively and let go of the outcome.

After photographing the first pieces from the kiln today; I can see a little loosening up of the underlying grid geometry that guided two earlier series, “Connections” and “Signs and Symbols”. To celebrate this mini shift, I’m naming the new series “Off the Grid”. Tentatively breaking out of the grid, the panels revisit the concepts of connectivity and communication, rethinking and re-imagining them using a more fluid visual language.