Color in the garden

5 gallon tomato buckets

Five gallon tomato buckets

And now for something completely different from glass…fun with plastic and tape: Taking a break from the studio as it has no air conditioning and the temps are low 90’s; here’s a colorful do-it-yourself project to add pizazz to your garden. These buckets are in response to three years of disappointing tomato yields around here. I decided to take the tomatoes out of the main garden, show them some extra love and maybe avoid late blight again. Total investment for 6-five gallon buckets and 6 rolls of duct tape was around $40, and I have enough duct tape left over to make a dozen more! Maybe I’ll do up some pots for chrysanthemums and kale come August. (If you decide to try this, make sure you drill or poke holes in the bucket bottoms for drainage!)