Changing seasons / changing gears

The last of the spring wholesale orders shipped this week and it is time to begin the dream / create / exhibit process again.

In the upcoming weeks, as the weather improves, I’ll take field trips to the MFA, ICA, and the Fuller Museum of Craft; check out local garden centers and public gardens, walk the beach and hike through the woods. I’ll draw and take photographs of the emerging plants and other items that catch my eye and stir my curiosity. Eventually I’ll realize the hard work (starting anything new) is done and I’ve gathered enough inspiration to embark on a new series of work.

Glass tapestry  bpwl, vanilla, salmon, amber, black

Glass Tapestry Bowl: vanilla and salmon stenciled glass with complimentary colors and patterns- available at The Store, Museum of Arts and Design, NYC

Glass Tapestry Bowl, Vanilla- Salmon

A peek at the inside of the bowl, 17″ square, 4″ deep